About Mind Power Education

Mind Power Education is a leader in bringing innovation to education. Our mission is to provide state of the art courses and training,which makes learning a playful and creative experience. We focus on building the foundational linguistic and mathematical skills by tapping creative power of brain. We have partnered with various firms across India. These partnerships have enabled us to create a bouquet of courses that are excellent in their respective categories of different age groups. And these courses are strongly backed by world class training designed to effectively address the needs of students. Moreover, we supplement these offerings with additional courses to widen the choices and developmental methods for students' interests. Our programs impart invaluable and in-depth understanding of essential lifetime skills such as listening, concentration, photographic memory, speed & accuracy, comprehension, imagination, creativity as well as learning skills. This approach encompasses the holistic development of the children which certainly will prove instrumental in academic and professional excellence. Our programs cover a spectrum of real life examples, thus enabling students to imbibe the core education concepts.

About iNAVMO & iMMO

iNAVMO stands for International Abacus, Vedic Maths Olympiad and iMMO stands for International Mental Maths Olympiad Currently, we are running 9th Annual iNAVMO & iMMO competition globally, organized by Mind Power Education LLP

We are organizing the Annual Brain Game in India as well as International for students practicing Abacus, Vedic Maths, and Mental Maths. It focuses on school Maths faster calculation and accuracy.

10th Annual event will be conducted in three phases -
Groups for Participation

For Kindergarten and Grade 1
Direct Sums on Abacus
Total Question
Time Limit
10 Minutes
For Grade 2 to Grade 10
Abacus Level 1 to Level 5
Total Question
Time Limit
05 Minutes
For Kindergarten to Grade 12
Mental Calculation
Total Question
Time Limit
10/05 Minutes
For Grade 4 to Grade 12
Vedic Math Level 1 to Level 3
Total Question
Time Limit
20 Minutes

When kids learn math using Abacus tool, the process of performing calculations is known as mental arithmetic which involves the following mentioned responses to the use of Abacus tool:

  • Firstly, it improves the kid’s Imaginative Thinking, when they think about Abacus Beads while calculating
  • Secondly, not all are blessed with a good picture memory but Abacus kids are trained to do so.
  • Thirdly, in Abacus Classes children are trained to solve arithmetic problems by visualizing and thus their visualizing power increases

Despite having good grasping power kids have to memorize a lot and for that they have to keep their brain active. There are various ways to activate the brain in which Abacus learning is the best of all. Abacus learning does not only help to improve your mathematics but also to activate and sharpen your brain.Using Abacus as a learning tool leads to better understanding and better grasping power.

Awards & Rewards

Terms & Conditions

Why did we start the Olympiad?

A great desire to contribute to the development of children's intellectual potential in the world was the reason for the creation of iNAVMO Olympiad. The founder of iNAVMO noticed that despite there being many Abacus institutes and Vedic maths institutes around the world there was a gap in the outlet for each student to show their potential. iNAVMO is an outlet where a student can compete with other students around the globe with their rankings, marks, and timings. Our goal is to motivate students to work towards their potential and express the ability that each child possesses. We aim for each student to focus on self-improvement from the first round till the finals. We want to contribute to further assist in the development around the world or make them global citizens.

The benefit to each student

We understand that each child has his/her own personality. Hence, we use the individual approach where we work with each student individually.Each child gets a Student performance report (SPR) to know where they stand in their school/center, district, country and internationally. Additionally, the student will also get to see accuracy reports along with the time taken. Winners from each event at different levels will be recognized by medals, certificates, prizes, and Scholarships.

iNAVMO offers the best Abacus classes due to its highly experienced and trained teachers as well as a well-researched curriculum. Great results are an excellent indicator of the quality of our training. Students of all ages are welcomed as it is never too late to be better!